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When is rainy Season In Bali


Planning to travel to Bali but don’t know which month is the for visit? Travel to Bali during Rain season may not as enjoyable as Summer holiday. Bali has 2 season, Summer and Winter. The end December to April is consider Rainy season in Bali, While May to Early December Still Sunshine with almost zero Rain.

Rainy season in Bali

Weather In Bali

Bali in Indonesia is a tropical island, It lays just below the equator Line with 2 Seasons along the year. Bali weather is Between 24-38C depending on the area. However, The weather in Bali is still the same along the year. It doesn’t mean during winter Bali will be getting much cooler.

Rainy Season in Bali

Rainy season in Bali will start from the end of December During the Christmas in Bali may start drizzling for a while and getting little bit windy. During January to March rain frequency will be high and it is not a good way to to outdoor activities.

During the Rain Season, Especially January To March, It will be pouring rain happen all the time, Sometime can be non stop rain for a day or two. It may get flooding in some area in Bali for a while until the rain Stopped.

Here is the Rain forecast Based on Local Experince:

  • December : Still Hot and sunshine, End of the Month may get Drizzle
  • January In Bali: Getting More Rain 50%
  • February Weather : More rain up to 75%
  • March: Rain and almost non stop, frequency up to 80-90%
  • April In Bali, Rain Getting Less, Up to 75%
  • May is getting Less rain and possible get Sunshine, Frequency 50%

Average Temperature during rain season is from 26-30C

While Summer Season in Bali is the Best month to visit Bali, Starting from April to December is Good choice to enjoy the sunshine, Explore the outdoor activities like visiting the Bali beaches, Waterfalls etc

What to do in Bali during Rain Season?

Things to do in Bali during rainy season may get less choice, But doesn’t mean there is no activity you can spend the day With. You may do more indoor And Relaxing activities like shopping, Do Spa/Massage, Enjoy the Foods. The Outdoor activities may not a Good idea to do, But Visiting Water Parks sound the greatest idea to do while enjoy the Rain in Bali. Go To Waterbom in Kuta or Splash water park in Canggu Bali

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You may need to avoid activities during Rainy season, Here is NOT Recommended To do:

  • Visit Or Swim in the beach
  • Ridding a scooter
  • Play Water rafting and the rest of Outdoor Adventure

That is A short Information About Rainy Season in Bali. An Ultimate travel Guide to Bali island. To help you plan the Best holiday.

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