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What is Bali famous for

What is Bali Famous For?


Bali, Indonesia, A famous destination is South east Asia with deep Hindu Cultural heritage, Cheap Travel destination, The Best Bali Beaches, Ancient Bali Temples etc, Make Bali is famous for travel destination for world wide travelers.

Here is what make Bali is Famous for your Next Travel Destination.

Cheap Travel Destinations

Travel To Bali is Cheap, Room available from the budget price into a luxury resort. Foods are also cheap compare to any places in Asia. The cost to travel to Bali for example Bali 4D/3N will cost you around $150 For all inclusive Package (Including Hotel, Meals, Bali Airport Transfer, Daily tour and all the Bali entrance fee for attracion visited

Cultural Heritages And Festivals are making Bali famous for travelers

The Hindu culture make Bali has a different tradition and religion compare to the rest of Indonesian island. This small island is rich with Hindu Temples you can find all around the destination. Besakih Temple is the Mother temple in Bali, The Biggest Temple as the source of all temple in Bali.

Lempuyang temple Bali

While you are in Bali, You may often seen a festival that is happened in any different village. You are allowed to join the festival and experience the culture and traditions in Bali.

Green Nature and Rice terraces

The Middle part of the island at Ubud Bali is a village with green surrounding, The west part is the farming center, The North is The host of the Waterfall and mountainous view. While the east part is the best for Water sport in Bali. The south is the center of the tourism, Here is famous for the white sand beaches and Uluwatu Temple

Bali Swing

The rice terrace in Bali is one of the best attraction you will see in Bali. The green nature where you can relax your mind and body. The waterfalls In Bali for you who love mother nature and the adventure. This Beautiful Nature and landscape is also make Bali island Famous.

Village and the Balinese People

The people in Bali also make this island famous. Most local are friendly, Trustworthy, Polite and welcome everyone with smile. When you visit the country side, You will experience the local daily life style, Meet the local kids, Farmer and its natural breezing fresh air.

bali temple dress

The Best Beaches in Bali make it famous for family and honeymooners

Beaches in Bali is the best place to relax and enjoy the entire holiday in Bali. Enjoy the white sand, Clear crystal water for swimming, Surf, or waiting for sunset while enjoy the fresh coconut drink etc. Pandawa Beach in Bali is the one you can spend the day with relax, Swim, Canoeing etc. You can also visit Melasti Beach in Bali with beautiful cliff terrace, A good spot for photography.

That is a few thing that make Bali famous for travel destination for your upcoming holiday. Planning your holiday to Bali? Here is the Best Month To visit Bali

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