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What is Bali Belly? How to avoid and tips for quick recovery


Bali Belly is the term of Diarrhea is a conditions where your Tummy getting Cramps caused by a bacteria or caused by consuming contaminated food or water. You may don’t want your Bali holiday getting spoiled and how to stay safe and healthy make your holiday enjoyable. Here is About Bali belly and how to prevent and cure it.

Bali Belly
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What is Bali Belly

Diarrhea or Bali Belly occurs when a person suffers from repeated bowel movements which are loose and watery. It’s a very common condition and is not considered to be serious. It normally lasts 2 to 3 days, and you can treat it with over-the-counter medicines.

Bali Belly in Bali common happened for western traveler like Australian and European. While for Asian traveler is less happened. This kind of disease is mainly caused from the local foods in Bali you eaten. The local foods both Balinese or Indonesian food is rich with spices and it has a strong taste.

Asian or Local may not having problem to consume those spicy foods. as they are familiar with spicy foods. But if you are first time in Bali and never eat a spicy foods, You may being attacked by this symptom.

How to avoid yourself from diarrhea

As Mentioned earlier that Bali Belly or Diarrhea is mainly caused by the spicy or oily local foods you eat in Bali for the first time. Avoid to consume spicy local foods, is the best way to avoid it. It makes your tummy surprised. Here is how to prevent yourself from Bali Belly

  • Always wash your hands before having a Meals, you can always bring an antiseptic tissue/ liquid.
  • Don’t Ever drink water directly from the tap any where in Bali. Buy a mineral water in a mini mart.
  • If you Eat local foods (spicy or milky foods) like Nasi Goreng (Fried rice) etc. don’t drink soda water or alcoholic drinks as the companion. Drink Fresh juice or Plain Water.

What to do and How to cure?

Balinese people is a traditional people and they have many herbal tips to cure them self during the condition unwell. Ubud for example, Is avillage coming from the words ubad that is mean Medicine. that is why Ubud is known as a village for curing. this is why herbal plantation easily found in this village. like Bali belly it self. Here is the traditional way you can try to cure yourself from Bali belly.

  • Mix A glass of hot Water with Sugar and Salt. and drink it every 3-4 Hours continuously or Hot Lemon tea and Sugar
  • For me personally i always eat a bitter young guava fruits, It work for me and recovery within a few hours. If can’t find the young guava fruit, You can take the young leaves of this plant and drinks its boiled water. If you are staying in the countryside area, It will be easy to find. Ask your hotel host to help you to get this.
  • Drink Homemade Ginger tea
  • Consume or eat Yogurt (it has probiotics) , Banana, Carrots or Potatoes during suffering Bali belly
  • Drink fresh Juice or Mineral water often (Halodoc)

What to do and don’t to avoid Bali Belly

When you suffered Bali Belly avoid these things.

  • Avoid Spicy foods, or oily and milky foods also the cheesy foods
  • Do Not drink Alcoholic drinks, Soda water and Coffee
  • Do not drinks milk

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After You trying the tips above and you are not going to getting better, The last choice is visit a doctor.

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