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Ubud Market Bali


Bali’s most popular art market, Ubud Market in Bali is the home of all Balinese arts and souvenir to bring back home

Ubud art market or locally literate pasar seni ubud is the row of traditional shop where Balinese art, clothes and souvenir center worth to see during your tours in Bali. Ubud market offer selections of local product with local price, you can engage with local to see or buy Balinese souvenir to bring back home.

Located in the center of ubud town, Ubud market is always busy with visitors who want to experience and looking for local merchandise. The market is open from 04.00-8.00 during these hours, it will be more local market which usually local buy daily needs like vegetable or meat and any spices needed for cooking, from 09.00AM-07.00PM the main market is open for those all merchandise and craft.

Rows of local boutique also available along the street, there will be more clean and air conditioned shop selling higher quality of local product designed by locals. Also the cafe along the street is available from a coffee shop to restaurant where you can take a break and shade from the sunshine.

Viewing the various items on display from one stall to another is a highlight on its own, showing the craftsmanship and the artistry of the Balinese. Admiring all the shops and stalls usually cannot be accomplished in one day. So if you spot an item of your interest, you might come back another day to bargain or settle the deal.

Compared to art markets in Bali’s other main tourism destinations such as Kuta, the Ubud Art Market can be considered to feature higher quality items and a larger mixture. Although beach cloths and shirts printer with “Bali” on them, and ikat woven skirts, Balinese style paintings, woodcarvings and woven baskets can be found almost everywhere on the island.

Ubud market Bali is what you can do in Bali during your holiday in Bali to experience Bali way of shopping, practice with bargaining and meet local product og Balinese arts.

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