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Things to do in Ubud Bali


What is there Things to do in Ubud? The most popular village in Bali, Ubud offers a nature attraction and its unique culture. There are plenty of option to do in Ubud Bali. Here is the list of the best things to do in Ubud.

1. Visiting Temples is Ubud

Like the rest of things to do in Bali, Temples is one of the most things to see. In Ubud Villages, Here is the list of Balinese Hinduism Temple you visit.

things to do in ubud bali

2. Explore Nature attraction in Ubud Bali

Ubud is located in the center of Bali island, where the surrounding is mostly Green and rich with its nature exploration like rice paddy field and waterfalls. Here is the places you can do while in Ubud

Things to do in Bali

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3. Adventure activities to do in ubud

swings in Ubud Bali

Beside the sight seeing tours, you may also opt to to outdoor activities while in Ubud. Here is the list of Adventure activities to do in Ubud.

4. Shopping around in Ubud Bali

Beside its green nature and temple, Ubud is also known for the artist village. means shop for any local arts or merchandise also a good option to do while visiting Ubud.

  • Shop around Ubud Market and its local boutiques shop
  • Visit Sukawati Market
  • Shop for high quality arts product in a Gallery in Ubud like Painting, Wood carving, Silver and gold smith etc
  • Bintang Supermarket Ubud for Daily Needs

5. Visit the Local Restaurants

Ubud is famous also for its Balinese foods, Eating for lunch and dinner around ubud with local foods can make your experience more complete. Here is the list of foods and restaurant in ubud with Balinese foods

  • Eat Suckling pig/ Babi Guling at Ibu oka Babi Guling
  • Try Crispy duck at Bebek Bengil/Made Joni or Tepi Sawah Restaurant
  • Try Pork ribs at IIGA warung in Ubud
  • Lunch with Nasi Campur/ Mixed rice at Warung Ibu Mangku Kedewatan

6. Do Spa and Massage

Plenty of spa or massage you can do to relaxing your body and mind with local Balinese massage around Ubud. Most Hotels in Ubud also provide spa that yor can book directly. Otherwise you can visit ubud center for your spa treatment. Price is vari starting from IDR. 80.000/ Hours.

Visiting Ubud is a must Things to do in Bali for a day or two, since it has many interesting attractions around this area.

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