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Things to do in Nusa Dua Bali


Thing to do in Nusa dua, south Bali. Nusa dua is a luxury area with its beach activities in Bali where rows of 5 start resort with it’s private beach access. the best area for family and couples. the most safety area in Bali. It is the most private and most convenience places to stay and relaxing.

Located in Opposite direction with Uluwatu which is popular with Sunset View Point. Nusa Dua is one of Bali area facing to the sunrise. The Main attraction in this part is Beaches. Unlike Uluwatu which is most its beach is behind the cliff, Nusa Dua Beaches are Flat from the ground.

things to do in Nusa Dua Bali

Beside of relaxing, Visiting Nusa dua is also a fun things to do in Bali as it has various type of water activities. The best place for youngster and young travelers who are looking for fun marine activities like parasailing, to Tandem Paragliding in Bali

About Nusa Dua

Nusa mean island and dua is mean two. Nusa dua or the 2 islands. It is called 2 island ad it has 2 small land in the sea of nusa dua. There also a wide court where often happen for nusa dua festivals.

Located in the south of Bali island. Nusa dua is located within 20 minutes away from Bali international airport via toll road. Here is details location distance with the other tourist area in Bali.

Nusa Dua Weather

Nusa dua is located in the sound end of the island which is consider hot. As it lies around the beach side. Compare to the northern side of Bali, Weather in Nusa dua is between 30 – 37 C. The weather are most likely the same with its neighbor area like Uluwatu, Jimbaran, kuta and seminyak.

Like the rest of the area in the southern Bali, Rain frequency are coming later compare to another part of the island in the north. Rain may comes starting from the end of the year until April, But there are still high opportunities to get sunshine even tough during the Rain season

Airport to Nusa Dua

Bali airport to Nusa Dua is within 10 Km in distance, can be reached within 20 Minutes drive. To get Nusa Dua you can hire a private driver in Advance with cost only USD 15/ Car for small Van maximum 4 Person with Luggage.

  • Nusa dua to airport : 20 minutes
  • Nusa dua to Jimbaran : 15 minutes
  • Nusa dua to uluwatu : 30 minutes
  • Nusa dua to canggu : 1 hours
  • Nusa dua to seminyak: 35 minutes
  • To kuta/legian within 25 minutes

Here Below the Map from Denpasar Airport Bali to Nusa Dua Via toll road,

Things to do in Nusa dua Bali

As a luxury resort area and it’s private white sand beaches. From Relaxing in the beach side to the activities like water sport and more. Here is what you can do around Nusa Nua area.

Shop around Bali collection

Bali Collection is a one stop shopping and dine center in Nusa Dua, If you are looking for place to shop or dine. If you are staying around this area, Free shuttle are provided by the most hotel in this surrounding.

Visit mengiat beach

Mengiat Beach is a public beach in Nusa Dua, A white sandy beach located in between the luxury resorts. A good place for enjoy the sun bathing, Swimming and doing beach side massage or just relaxing in the Beach lounge chair.

Boat tour to turtle island

Visiting Turtle island via Glass bottom Boat (Transparent Boat) also you can do in Nusa Dua. The boat will lets you cruising around the beaches of Nusa Dua. Along the way you will be able to see the bottom line of the sea directly from the Boat. You will be bring to the mid of the sea while feeding the fish before reaching the turtle island.

Turtle island is located in the northern side of Nusa Dua, Called Tanjung Benoa Beach which is popular for its marine activities and sea walker. At the Turtle sanctuary, You will be able to see the turtle in Any ages and its another local animals. A good choice to see in Nusa dua if you are traveling with kids

Water sport at Tanjung Benoa beach

Fly Fish Bali water sport
Fly Fish Bali

Tanjung Benoa Beach is within 10 Minutes away from Nusa Dua Center. This beach is mainly for water activities center in Bali. Available for Parasailing, Banana Boat and Jet ski Ride and many more options available to chose to make your memorable holiday with fun marine sport games

Paragliding tandem tours, The best Things To do in South Nusa Dua Bali

paragliding bali seminyak

The southern end of Nusa Dua beach has a 70 meter high cliff, The main attraction here is Paragliding tours. You will jump from the cliff and paragliding pilot will ride you to explore the hidden beaches in South Nusa Dua with its cliff view and blue ocean.

Visit geger beach

Geger Beach is another Public beach in Nusa Dua, Located in between the luxury resort. This beach is former as a sea weed farm and surfing spots. This beach has white sand and wide shoreline with less crowd. A good place for relax, Swim and Sun bathing under the warm sunshine.

See the Water blow

Water Blow in Nusa Dua is a place where you can see the huge wave crashing the cliff and make the water blowing up to 10 meter high. To visit this place and seeing this attraction, You need to come during the High tide.

Water blow in Nusa Dua is an empty land, A good spot for photography with ocean and rock background. Visiting this water blow during the high tide, Try not to stay very close to the cliff side. as the wave may comes suddenly and dangerous for yourself.

Eats the local food at Warung Pak Dobiel.

If you are looking for the local foods to try in Nusa Dua, Warung Pak dobiel is the most famous for its Suckling Pig (Babi Guling). The most popular eating place for locals and tourist. It may getting over occupied during the lunch time, And you may need to wait others to get your seats ready.

Watch devdan show, Best Things To do in Nusa Dua Bali at Night

A main attraction in Nusa Dua is its nightly Devdan Show which is a cultural dance performance that is unique to this part of the island. Experience Indonesian ‘Unity in Diversity’ as you watch performances from cultures spread across the islands. Also fusion of modern elements like acrobatics with special effect. Witness also a mesmerizing collaboration genre of Indonesia folk and contemporary dance– and even a hip-hop dance!

Visit museum fasifika

Pasifika Museum is a wonderful museum in Nusa Dua although unfortunately many people don’t even know it exists.Located close to Bali Collection and features the work of a number of European artists who moved to Bali and then made art on the island. There are also galleries dedicated to local painters and you will also find an Indochinese gallery as well as a Polynesian exhibit.

Ride camel safari

If Ubud is famous for elephant ridding, In the Beach side of Nusa Dua, In Sawangan region is a place you can ride a Camel. An activities feels like in the desert in Africa. Ridding the camel is a great experince for couple or Honeymooners to have an amazing and memorable holiday in Bali.

Visit Puja mandala

Puja Mandala is a religious and cultural complex that stands in Nusa Dua and is meant to represent the five major religions in Indonesia. From its Hindu temple, Buddhist temple, Church and Mosque are build side by side. This is a symbol of tolerance and religious equality in Indonesia and visitors here can also watch shows and festivals in line with the holy days of the different religions represented

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