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Things to do in Kuta Bali


Kuta In Bali is the most popular town in Bali, The most happening area with its Beaches. The Best place to stay if you have a short vacation in Bali. From its surfing Beach into the Night Clubs, Kuta is always Busy with tourist from all over the world. Unlike Nusa Dua which is a business class and luxury resorts, Kuta itself has more option for budget hotels.

About Kuta

Kuta is a beach and resort area in the south of the island of Bali, Indonesia. One of Bali’s first tourist developments, it’s best known for its party-centric atmosphere and surfing in the Indian Ocean. Kuta’s long, consistent waves make it a popular surf spot, particularly for beginners, with plenty of outfitters offering board rentals and surf lessons.

Legian is the neighbor village of Kuta, Which is Exploded by the Suicide bombing tragedy in late 2002 in the main street of Legian. The most busiest place in the night with its night clubs. Both Kuta and Legian is the best option if you are looking for enjoying the night life.

Bali Airport To Kuta

Kuta from Bali international airport is only 5Km away, But to drive to Kuta may get very slow as it is in the busy traffic. Estimate is within 20 Minutes drive to the center of Kuta town.

Kuta Weather

Kuta and Legian, Located in the southern island of Bali. Which is consider dry and less rain frequency. Unlike the other part like ubud, When Raining may start in November, Raining in Kuta (South Bali) may happen during the end of December. But still very less percentage.

Things to Do in Kuta Bali

Attraction in Kuta and legian is mainly Beach and its famous sport, Surfing. Beside of the sight seeing place, Kuta is more likely for Relax, Easy to the beach, Easy to grab foods, Within walking distance to Night Clubs, Market etc.

As a tourist center, this area is never quite. All the tourist stay here. Kuta beach is the main attraction here where you can learn to surf for beginners. Beside surf here is thing you can do in Kuta or legian area.

1. Sun bathe at Kuta/legian beach

With its long coast and its warm weather, Kuta beach is the place for Sun bathing. Enjoy the sun and swim while reading your favorite books. Beside that you may like to do Massage or do hair plaiting by the beach from the beach ladies.

2. Learn To Surf

things to do in kuta bali

Kuta is the Best place for beginner to do surfing, You can easily go to the beach side and find the beach boys for the short course like an hour or two. The activities you must do in Kuta Beach if you are such an adventurous person or Just want to know how is the feels of surf.

3. Visit waterbom park, the Best things to do in Kuta Bali

Having fun at the Biggest water park in Bali, from its Moderate level of ride into an extreme slide. Waterbom Park in Kuta is the Biggest and the Best water park you must go. You may spend a whole day here due to it has up to 15 activities inside this park.

4. Shop at the Malls

Beside of enjoying the Beach, Kuta is the shopping paradise, All the biggest Bali shopping malls are centered in Kuta. You can Buy any branded products here. Here is the shopping malls in Kuta:

  • Discovery shopping mall, Located in the main street of Kartika plaza street and has access to the beach.
  • Beachwalk, The biggest mall in Kuta just in front of the famous kuta Beach
  • Matahari Supermarket, For more local branded products

5. Walk and Shop along Poppies Lane

Poppies lane 1 and 2 is a small and Busy lane in the heart of Kuta and Legian. Popies lane 1 is a busy place with its street shopping and restaurant. While poppies lane 2 is the place for shopping and small bars.

6. Visit Kuta art market and Kuta Square

Kuta art market, A beach sde art market in Bali. kuta market is for the local product one stop shopping in this town. Any local product and copy cat fashion you can easily get here with cheap price after Bargaining. while the Kuta square is a shopping complex for more branded product like clothing, shoe etc.

7. Visit bombing monument

The Main street of Legian, There is the Bombing monument you may walk trough. Here you will see the human tragedy monument with all of its bombing victims in the late 2002. tota 202 people are died on the attact, and their names are written on the monument.

8. Spa or massage

Relaxing in Kuta, There are plenty of Road side spa with cheap price starting from IDR. 70.000 for an hours spa treatment. A good option to do after a walk aroung Kuta.

10. Go to the Night clubs, Things to do at Night in kuta Bali

Kuta and legian is the only places to enjoy the night club. The later in the night the more busy this place until late in the midnight. from its reggae Bar, Bounty night club and sari club is centered in the Main street of Legian. Unlike the other area in Bali which is getting quite from 10 PM onward, Kuta and Legian is getting more happening place at night. Stay nearby kuta, you will never getting bored at all.

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