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Things To Do in Bali



Travelling to Bali Indonesia but confusing what to do, No wonder There are too many things and activities in this island. A small island with thousands of magic which attract travelers around the globe to visit this small island. From its Spending the day at the famous area like Seminyak or Visiting Ubud with its peaceful surrounding Find what is Bali famous for? Here is the complete guide about What is Must See, Do and Eat in Bali.


Bali in Indonesia is a Province located between Java And Lombok island. Indonesia is consist of 17.504 Island, Yes seventeen thousand five hundreds island. This is an unique with different culture, Religion and tradition which is influence the local life style. No wonder that the name of Bali itself is more famous compare to Indonesia.

So what is there to do in Bali?

The main thing is not about those Hotels, Beach clubs or high end shopping are. We are not going to talking about that. The Main things are the Balinese Temple, Beaches, Rice paddy terraces, Waterfalls, Villages and its local foods and hospitality.

Visit Bali Temples

When you come to Bali, Make sure to visit a few temples, Find here the list of Temples in Bali you MUST visit while in Bali.

Lempuyang temple bali gate of heaven

Here is the list of temple you must see:

Explore Bali rice terraces

Before tourism is developed in Bali, Farming is the main industry for locals. The Tourism already change the island become a tourism industry. But that is in the southern part of the Island. Rice terrace is the place you must see. Find here the Best rice terraces in Bali

Things to do in Bali

Learn and experience How the Balinese locals work in Farming. Here you can walk along the rice paddy field, Capture the Green scenery. Here is the Best rice paddy terraces you can Visit.

Swim and relax at Bali’s Best Beaches

Beach is the most popular things to attract travelers to come around this island. from surfing beach into a peaceful white sand beach and clear crystal beaches are available to visit. Find here the best Beaches in Bali

tegal wangi beach

Beach is the most popular and attract Tourist. There are plenty of Beaches you Can Visit. The nicest one is in the southern side. Here is the list.

Discover the hidden Bali Waterfalls

If you are looking for a peaceful, Natural and remote are with less people, Visiting waterfalls while exploring the countryside area in the northern side is one of things to do. Find here the Best Waterfalls in Bali

waterfalls in Bali

For nature lover, You can not missed the Waterfalls in Bali. in the northern side is host of the falls. A good place to see the real nature and its quite and true Balinese villages. Here is the waterfall you must visit

Visit Neighbor island, Nusa Penida

Beside the Main island, it also has another 3 more small islands in the south east. These 3 islands are separated by Bali strait. Which mean only accessible via Boat. It will take 1 Hours to cross the strait.

nusa penida beach
  • Lembongan island. A great place to visit for a day via Boat or cruise ship for a day. Good for Snorkeling and its resort Beaches
  • Nusa Penida, or Penida Island is the latest famous places places with its beach and high cliff. You can visit famous diamond beach or the T REX beach etc. Find Here for details of attraction in Nusa Penida

Do Outdoor Activities In Bali

Looking for fun things and adventure activities, Bali has all of them. here is the outdoor things to do in Bali

Try Local foods

Beside those Sight seeing, Foods is worth a try. Balinese culinary is taste different. Tasty and spicy local foods in Bali is a good experience to do. You can find the local warung or eat on the night markets. Here is the culinary you may experience and eat

  • Babi Guling or Balinese Roast Suckling Pig. Balinese traditional dishes you will easily found around this island.
  • Smoked chicken or Ayam Betutu, A unique Spice flavored slow cooked chicken with soft meat texture
  • Seafood BBQ with Balinese Sambal or Homemade Balinese chili sauces

Shop and Bargain in a Traditional Market

Shop like a local? You can go to traditional art market. Remember that Bali prices are not fixed. Shop around the market you can do Bargain for any local product like clothes, Merchandise or anything typically Balinese souvenir. Here is the best places to shop and Bargain.

  • Sukawati art Market, a traditional Market to get any types of Balinese clothing and arts product. The favorite places for local to shop for cheap and bargain price
  • Ubud Market. one of the most art market and the most busy place for shopping. Beside those merchandise and souvenir, Here you can find also local boutique shop
  • Gift Shop Center or locally known as Toko Oleh oleh. This is a place to buy local products similar like you find in the market but in a modern style, Clean and fully air conditioned. Prices are fixed just like a supermarket but they are cheap.

How many days needed to explore Bali?

The island is a small But the average time needed visit the all sight is required two weeks in Bali. However, for the introduction about a different things to do is best within 5 days in Bali.

To create you itinerary to visit all the best things to do in Bali, You can find it on Bali Tour itinerary Page

Do not forget to cover yourself with travel insurance to Bali

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