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Sim card Bali airport

Telkomsel Sim Card in Bali


Which SIM Card in Bali works best for Data or Mobile internet plan? Telkomsel Sim Card is the best coverage in Bali, Indonesia. About Telkomsel SIM card, How to activate, Where to buy and Price. The ultimate travel Guide to Bali

Telkomsel Sim card Bali airport

Nowadays Mobile internet is so important for any people all around the world. Mobile internet can ease your life in getting fast information in your hands. While travelling to Bali, SIM card card is thing you must get one to help you stay connected to Internet network.

To get a Cheap and fast Internet speed, You need to buy a Local SIM Card in Bali, Indonesia. Which SIM card to use and where to Buy it?. Highly recommended buying Telkomsel Prepaid SIM card for your mobile internet, Data plan and also for making a call while in Bali.

About Telkomsel

Since being established on May 26, 1995, Telkomsel has consistently served Indonesia, opening telecommunications access across the country, from Sabang to Merauke.

With 168 million customers, Telkomsel is currently the largest cellular operator in Indonesia. To serve customers all over Indonesia, even in remote areas, outer islands, and border areas, Telkomsel has built more than 204,000 BTS.

Telkomsel has also consistently implemented the latest mobile technology and was the first to commercially launch 4G LTE mobile services in Indonesia. Entering the digital era, Telkomsel continues to expand its digital business, including Digital Advertising, Digital Lifestyle, Mobile Financial Services, and Internet of Things. To serve the needs of customers, Telkomsel operates a 24-hour call center and GraPARI services spread across Indonesia.

Telkomsel Prepaid SIM Card Products

There are 3 Product or Pre paid SIM card available you can choose to Buy for Best Mobile internet in Bali. All these product is work for Tourist who travelling in Bali island. Here is the details:

  • Simpati Prepaid Card, Starter Pack from IDR. 10000
  • Kartu AS Prepaid, Starter Pack From IDR. 5000
  • Loop Prepaid SIM card, Starter Pack price from IDR. 5000

All those Telkomsel SIM card is work for you and has similar coverage and service for tourist. The card is active for 30 Days after activation.

Where to Buy Telkomsel SIM Card In Bali

It is easy to buy telkomsel Prepaid Sim Cards in Bali, There are available at Airport arrival hall, Authorized dealer at Grapari and any Cellular shop (KIOS)

Bali Airport

To get Telkomsel card at Bali Airport hall is he easiest way, once you pass the Immigration pass and baggage claim, You will see the counter desk at the hall, there will be also a ATM machine, Money changer and transportation desk you can find after you go out from the airport.

Benefit: You can buy Sim card and the activation will be done by their staff, You may being asked for ID number for activation. Price is from IDR 200,000 if you buy it here.

Cellular Shop/ Kios

This is the place to Buy Telkomsel SIM card with cheapest Price, The Card starter pack is cost only IDR. 10.000-20.000 (Price depeding on each shop and the Number, The more unique Number, The Higher the Price).

After the Activation is succesfuly registered, You need to Buy another top up credit, You can get a 50,000 – 60.000 Credit that you can convert to data plan. The data plan package is depending the quota you need and duration.

Benefit: Price Much more lower, Activation you can do by yourself. But it is recommended to ask the shop keeper to activate for you.


You can also buy this Card at their main Dealer, But they are opened at certain time. Not a good option, Except you need to change your SIM or lost report.

Telkomsel Card Command:

  • To check your credit balance: *888# then Dial
  • Buy Package from your phone *888# then Dial
  • To make a calling to local number, o8123456789, To call house phone number put area code, Bali area code is 0361 then continue with the destination number. example 0361987654
  • To Call oversea, include +Country code, Example +6156565656

How to activate?

Activating SIM card actually is not hard, But it may confusing if you do it by yourself. Buying Sim Card at Bali airport or at the Cellular shop, You will be assisted by the sales. You may asked for your ID Number like passport.

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