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tegenungan waterfall bali

Tegenungan waterfall Bali, Ubud Best attraction to Visit for nature lover


Tegenungan waterfall Bali is located in the center of Bali, it is only 15 minutes away from ubud town, the waterfall has approximately 20 meter high, entrance fee is IDR. 15.000/Person. The access to get to the waterfall is near from parking area, but if wanted to get in to the water you need to step down 127 steps.

Tegenungan waterfall Location here

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Tegenungan Waterfall

Swimming at tegenungan waterfall is allowed, Changing room, some local restaurant/cafe, toilet and local shop is available. Opening hours from 8.00 to 16.00 daily. to avoid the crowd recommended to come as earliest as possible. crowd time usually from afternoon to evening time.

Tegenungan waterfall is a famous place to visit in Bali, yet it still quite hidden away from the hustle and bustle as it’s located just about 10 kilometers outside Ubud, next to Tegenungan village, When you start to come closer you’ll see signs with a photo and text saying “Tegenungan waterfall” and a pointing arrow in the correct direction. Just follow these if you’re uncertain, but Google Maps will also work just as fine.

What to expect at Tegenungan waterfall Bali

After you’ve been walking down a few steps you will be greeted by a viewpoint where you can see the waterfall from a distance. When you get halfway there will be a sign saying Waterfall to the left and temple to the right. It really doesn’t matter what path you choose as you can reach both places from both sides.

The stairs down are quite easy and walkable, so you don’t need any hiking shoes. Sandals are fine, but of course, if you aim to climb a bit off the beaten path to get unique views and photos, a good pair of shoes is always recommended.

When you arrive at the Tegenungan Waterfall, you will see a changing booth to the left and waterfall straight ahead. If you want to go upstairs to the cliff, you’ll have to pass the wooden bridge.

Otherwise, just enjoy the waterfall and head upstairs later.
If you want to avoid crowds like we did, I suggest that you as early as possible since the Tegenungan Waterfall is a popular tourist attraction in Bali, especially for those who stay in Ubud, as it’s the closest waterfall to Ubud, just 20 minutes by motorbike.

Best time to visit Tegenungan Bali waterfall is during the summer season where it will be less rain so the waterfall color will be white and clean, during the rain season, it may looks litle muddy and may not seem good for swimming.

Waterfall swing at Tegenungan

Instead of Visiting this waterfall, There are other thing you can do near this waterfall. Swing over waterfall are also available right above this fall.

Managed by D’tukad river club, Where you can enjoy the waterfall view while relaxing with your having your cocktails.

Nearby Waterfalls near Tegenungan

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