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Shopping Mall in Bali


Shop in the best shopping mall in Bali may become the favorite for travelers to visit for a day. No Mater what to do, Just see or looking for your clothes, Accessories or Anything. This is the list of Shopping Mall around Bali you can wish to visit. Shopping Malls is easily found in the main tourist town like Kuta and Seminyak, This area is the most popular and most busiest places in Bali.

Shopping mall in Bali

Discovery Shopping Mall

Located in the Main Street and Famous beach side of Kuta, Discovery shopping Mall is one of the most popular shop area in Bali. This mall is has an access to Beach which make this place become good choice to visit. Here you can find any type of Branded Clothes, Electronic and souvenir.

Beside of Shopping, The access to Beach and its beach side cafe is a good way to shade while enjoying the view of Kuta Beach. from the fast foods, Pizza into local foods you can also get at this Mall.

Beachwalk Shopping Center Kuta Bali

The Biggest beach side shopping Mall in Bali, Beachwalk is the other option for those Branded product shop. The perfect location in the beach side of Kuta Beach make this place always busy with tourist and locals. The product is mainly those international Brands.

Beside Shopping, There also place or cafe you can chose to get some food and drinks while watching the Busy Kuta Beach. Cinema is also available here, This may become a good place when you coming during rainy season in Bali.

Matahari Shopping Center, Kuta

Located in the heart of Kuta Town, Popular with its Kuta Square shopping area. Matahari shopping center is most likely selling local brand. Dislike those discovery mall beachwalk. This Shopping mall you can find more cheaper product like clothing and Souvenir.

Mall Bali Galeria (MBG)

This is most favorite place for local to shop around. Similar to Matahari shopping center in Kuta, But it is much more bigger. Here you can find from local to international branded items.

Beside the Shopping Mall, Since it is located in shopping complex, You also easily step out to the Duty Free Shop (DFS). If you are looking for house ward you can also Go to ACE Hardware.

Trans Studio Mall Bali

Trans studio mall is newly opened shopping mall in Bali, Located in between Kuta and Seminyak. This mall you can find branded clothing, Department stores, Heath and beauty and more. Beside that there are also wide variety of Local Indonesian foods.

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