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Things To Do in Seminyak Bali


[Updated] Seminyak in Bali is the main tourist town Just Like Ubud. This town is the favorite place to stay while holiday in Bali. What to do in seminyak and what to see? Know more about its attractions in Bali.

seminyak in Bali

Seminyak, A town in the northern side from Kuta/Legian. This village is second of the busiest tourist center in Bali. Located only 30-40 Minutes drive from Bali international airport.

This area is less crowded than the Busiest tourist town in Kuta, But Seminyak is one level ahead. Here you will enjoy the surrounding with more shopping along the main Street. Chill out in the Beach clubs while Spend the day with good food and drink music.

Seminyak also own its beautiful beach where you can relax, Sun bathing or waiting for sunset in the Evening. While at the night, Is the best place for having Fine dining, A great places for Honeymooners or couple who wants a Quality Dinner with excellent foods and Service.

Not only Kuta is good for Night activities, In Seminyak the more night the more busier with the clubbing along the main street called Jalan Kayu Aya. Here you will have an happening night so will not make your holiday get Boring.

Where is seminyak in Bali

Seminyak located in the southern side of Bali island, lays between Kuta and Canggu. Here is the details distance from the main tourist center around the island.

  • Seminyak To Bali Airport : 30 Minutes
  • Uluwatu To Seminyak : 60 Minutes
  • Canggu to Seminyak: 30 Minutes
  • Ubud To Seminyak 70 Minutes
  • Seminyak to Nusa Dua area 30 Minutes

Seminyak in the Map how it looks like

What to do in Seminyak?

Seminyak is the next level compare to Kuta/Legian. This town has more modern style where glamour boutiques, Coffee shop and villas lay along the main street. Here is Things to do and see in Seminyak

1. Visit Seminyak Beach

Also known as Petitenget Beach is a public beach in this village territorial. you can see sunset in the evening while visiting the Beach clubs like Potato Head. This main beach is consider sacred, Swimming is not allowed in this beach area. From this beach you can also see Kuta beach or Canggu beach since this beach are in the connecting line.

2. Learn To Surf

Bali is a surfer paradise, Learn to surf with the local beach boys in an idea you can spend the day in this town. The Beach has a perfect wave for beginner. You Can learn in a short course from 1 hours for the introductory.

You Can just walk along the beach and find the Umbrella where there are lots of surf board. The locals beach boys will welcome you and offer the course. You can talk with them to dig for information about surfing.

3. Go Spa and Massage

Spa and Massage is the best way to avoid the hot day in Seminyak. Spa are plenty available along the main street. Here you can chose the spa treatment for 1 to 2 hours self pampering with the local therapist. A good option to do after a walk under the sun and relaxing your feet and body with spa.

4. Petitenget Temple

Petitenget temple is a village temple for seminyak resident. This temple located at the beach side of Its beach. This temple is not accessible but you can see the temple architecture for outside the gate.

5. Shop around Main Street And Market

If you are kind of shopping addicted, Here is the perfect place for shop. The local and boutique shop are available along the streets. You can walk around along the street and hunting for your favorite things to buy.

Visit also seminyak square and market located in the half end of the main street. Where you will have tons of options to see or buy. Shopping in This area is better and has more nicer quality products. From Branded things into local souvenirs you will find here.

6. Chill out at the Beach clubs

Not only Shopping, This place is really an entertaining places, Also best for Stay and Eats. There are plenty of beach clubs where you can go for relax by the pool while having cocktails, recommended to visit during the sunset time. Visit the famous Potato Head beach club, La Plancha and Mrs. Sippy is the optional you can spend the evening.

7. From local eats to fine dinning

The busiest time on this town is during dinner time, Beside those high end boutiques shop, also known for best place to get your dinning. like Warung ibu Mangku kedewatan And Warung Pak Malen for the Famous Babi Guling (Sucling Pig) for Balinese local foods to those kind of Western stile like italian, Indian and Indonesian foods. Fine dinning also the favorite places to visit like Metis restaurant, Sardine, Sarong and many more.

8. Enjoy the Night Clubs

What to do in the late night in Seminyak? Go Clubbing. While kuta is famous with night clubs. Late Night you can also visit the happening places. The famous places are motel mexicola, La Favela and Red Carpet in the main street where is open util dawn in the morning.

Overal This is a perfect place to stay, Shop, Eats, Relax and party at night. The most happening place in Bali. Located near to Beach and within easy access to airport.

How to get Seminyak from Airport

You can easily get airport taxi or book your personal driver before you arrive to ease your travel and save your time.

How much does taxi price from Bali airport to Seminyak

Taxi fare to seminyak from airport is cost roughly USD 15/car, It is within 30 minutes drive. Details price, check our page for Bali airport transfer price list

What is Seminyak Famous for

Seminyak is famous for convenience stay, Shopping, Eat, Beach, Beach clubs and relaxing. A perfect place for Young couples, Honeymooners and family.

What is the neighborhood of Seminyak

Kuta, Legian, Canggu, Umalas is the neighbor of Seminyak, Located withing 30 Minutes drive.

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