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Sekumpul (Lemukih) Waterfall, The best waterfalls in Bali to hike


Sekumpul waterfall in Bali is the tallest waterfall exist in Bali. Also Known Lemukih Waterfalls. With approximately 100 meter high falls. Not only 1 waterfalls can be visited, But there are 7 waterfalls you can explore nearby. That is why these falls are called Sekumpul. Which is means “Group” in english.

Sekumpul waterfall

To visit this waterfall is not easy, Need to hike stairways to the main waterfalls and follow the bush to discover the others neighbor falls. Highly recommended to visit this waterfalls with local guide for safety reason. Guide are standby daily to lead travelers to explore this Sekumpul waterfalls group.

Sekumpull waterfall Map and Location

Situated in the northern hilly side of Bali, To get this waterfalls has multiple access depending from which direction you go from.

If you visit this waterfall from south Bali like Seminyak is within 2,5 Hours drive from South Bali or 1.5 Hours from Ubud to Sekumpul waterfall within 2 Hours Drive.

Sekumpul (Lemukih) waterfall Visitor Info

Visiting Sekumpul waterfall need to hike from the parking lot into the waterfall itself. There are challenging route to get to this falls by following dirt, slippery pathways and river crossing. Be sure you are fit enough as it need at least an hour hike to reach the waterfall.

Highly recommended to visit this waterfall with the local guides which is always standby daily for your safety and getting lost. Never hike this fall by yourself.

Best time to visit sekumpul waterfall

It is recommended arrive earlier in the morning (9/10AM) for the best experience. Since it is lovated in the high and mountainous area, Later on the afternoon are possible to be thick misty which will make you less visibility.

The entire time needed from the start to finish may take 5-6 Hours. And you will need more time if wished to see another falls.

Avoid to visit during the pouring rain as the trek is getting more slippery and dangerous.

Sekumpul waterfall Entrance fee

Entry Fee to this waterfall is IDR. 20.000 and additional IDR. 150.000 to 200.000 IDR per Guide depending how many waterfalls to explore. Guide will keep you safe and able to lead you with the safest path to find the falls.

Nearby Waterfalls:

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