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roulette Doughnut Bali water sport

Roulete Doughnut Bali Water sport


ROULLETE DOUGHNUT like it’s name, this Bali water sport activities is round shaped inflatable rubber product, the shape is like a doughnut occupied by 2 passengers. This activity is operated similar to Banana boat ride or fly fish, the rubber mattress is attached to the boat. 

The passenger on the doughnut rubber mattress are equipped with live vest and hold the safety handle during the game, the speed boat then go to the middle of the sea, where it is not busy with other boats. 
The boat driver will drive the boat straight, zigzag and spinning. This way make rough water from the boat engine, so the doughnut will getting bumpy and shaking rapidly. This is the exciting part of the roullete doughnut activities.

roulette Doughnut Bali water sport
Roulette Doughnut

The activities last for 15 minutes ride.
This roullete doughnut water sport activities is suit for adultery, kids below 10 years are not recommended to do this game, if you come along with children to have exciting moment, banana boat is much safer for kids. 
Overall, this kind of Bali water sport activities is recommended to do if you are such an Adventurous person. Get this water sport tour with us for discounted price, trusted company and fully insurance coverage. 

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