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Pandawa Beach in Bali, Location, Entrance fee and Activities


Pandawa Beach in Bali located behind the cliff in the south end of the island. This white sand Beach in Bali Has about 1 Km Coastline white sand and cliff top view. A good place to relax, Sun Burn and Swimming. Here is All about Pandawa Beach from the local experts

Brief history

Former known as Secret Beach since this place has no access to enter the beach via vehicle. You will need to hike a 80 meters cliff to get down to this beach. This beach is also known Melasti Beach for the people in This village.

Before the beach is opened for tourist destination in year 2011, This beach is used to be a seaweed farm Beach. Most of the locals here are fisherman and farming the seaweed for their main job. The Local goverment then Cut the cliff and start making the Access to this Beach.

Pandawa Beach Direction and Map Location

Located in the south end of Bali island At Desa Kutuh, South Kuta. Near Green Bowl Beach. This beach is in between Nusa Dua and Uluwatu temple. It is approximately 1 Hours drive from seminyak or Kuta or Sanur. Or If you are coming from canggu Bali, it will be around 1,5 Hours drive. The road to this beach is very good and accessible for any vehicles. Here is Pandawa Beach Map location.

Pandawa Beach Entrance Fee

To enter this beach, You will first passing the entrance gate, Where you will need to pay the entrance fee to visit this Beach. Pandawa Beach entry fee show as below.

Pandawa Beach entrance feePrice Per Person
Domestic IDR. 8000
ForeignersIDR. 15.000
Parking (Car/Scooter)IDR. 5.000

Pandawa Beach Things to do and see

This white sand beach is not just good for swimming, More than that you you can walk along the beach, Canoeing, Sunburning etc. Here is all the things to do at Pandawa Beach in Bali.

Meet the Pandawa Statue


Befor you reach the beach, right after you pass the ticket counter. You will see a rows of Statue. There are 6 Statue along the cliff side. You can stop at the cliff top view point ad park your vehicle.

Canoeing at Pandawa Beach

Canoe rental is available along the beach side, You can just simply come the the beach boys who is always standby at the Beach. The rental fee is IDR. 50.000 For 1 Hours usage. But if there is less people you can use their canoe as long as you want.


This white sand beach is a place you can enjoy while swimming. The water is crystal clear, and clean. If you arrive during the low tide you will be abe to walk along to the middle of the sea.

Pandawa Beach Swing

It is not a big Swing like Bali swing in Ubud, It is a small swing where you can make a photography shot. The swing is located just in front of the sea.

Pandawa Beach swing

Lounging at beach side

Relax while enjoy the sun under the beach umbrella and lounge chair while enjoy your Drinks or you coconut. You can also do Massage with the local ladies to make you more relaxing. It will cost you IDR. 50.000 for long chair and breach umbrella usage per hour.

Pandawa Beach Bali

Pandawa Beach Surf

Surfing is also possible at this beach, There also a local beach boys renting surf board. If you interested in, You can also learn to surf with local.

Rent a fisherman boat

Beside canoeing, There also a small fisherman boat you can rent for a 1-2 hours to cruise along the Beach. The local fisherman will charge you IDR. 250.000 for the boat rental fee and take you the neighbor beaches which is only accessible via boat.

Paragliding in Bali Above pandawa Beach

Paragliding pandawa beach

Above the cliff, There is a Paragliding site, here you can fly paragliding in Bali with tandem pilot to explore the Beach and cliff along the pandawa Beach and also you can see the neighbor beaches from the sky. More about paragliding in Bali you can visit this website:

Watch Kecak Dance in The evening

In the late evening at Pandawa Beach, Right before sunset, There is a cultural show of the famous Kecak dance show every day from 6PM to 7 PM. to watch this dance show you will be charge IDR.100.000/Person for watching this cultural show.

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