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Munduk Waterfall Bali


Munduk is a village in the northern side of Bali island. Lying on the high mountainous area with cold mountain breezing. The best attraction to discover on this village is Munduk waterfall.

Also known as the Niagara fall, Munduk waterfall in Bali has huge fall with strong water flow. Though not a good place for Soak in, Since it has to shallow water on the ground.

This waterfall is picture perfect with easy access to reach within 15 minutes walk trough the pathways. The view is amazing with green forest backdrops.

Arriving this waterfall you will be welcomed with approximately 15 meter high falls.

The water flowing from Munduk Waterfall also contains minerals such as sulfur. So it is believed to cure various skin diseases and even nutritious for skin rejuvenation.

Because of this property many visitors come to linger playing water, bathing or swimming in the pool while feeling the fresh splash of the waterfall.

Don’t forget to take a photo of the beauty moment at the tourist location of Munduk Buleleng Waterfall.

Munduk waterfall Bali Map and Location

Located in Munduk Village, It takes within an Hour drive from Lovina, 2 hours from South Bali or Ubud. To get to this waterfall you will passing by an Instagrammable places in Bali like Ulun danu Beratan temple, Handara Gate and the twin lake before reaching this spot if you are coming from Ubud/seminyak.

To get to this waterfall you can follow Munduk waterfall map on Google

Munduk waterfall entrance fee

Like the rest of attraction in Bali, This waterfall is not free to visit. All visitors is required to pay the entrance fee.

Adult: IDR. 20.000/Person

Kids: IDR. 10.000/Person

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