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Gunung Kawi Temple Bali, Temple on the wall in Ubud


Gunung Kawi temple Bali is a unique temple, It has a different looks comparing to the rest of Bali Temples. Situated hidden along the pakerisan river, This temple is carved on the wall, Make it special and different.

Gunung Kawi Temple Bali

About Gunung Kawi Temple Bali

Gunung mean Mountain/Hill, while Kawi means Carving or sculpture, So the meaning Of Gunung Kawi temple is a carved temple on the mountain/Hill.

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This temple of Gunung Kawi was built by Marakata for the worship of the soul of King Udayana’s father. There are overdrafts which are thought to be the hermitage of Buddhist monks. This shows that at that time religious harmony was intertwined in harmony.

Evidenced by the existence of Hindu temples and Buddhist austerities located side by side.

Map and Location

Located in the center part of Bali island, Within 30 Minutes away from Ubud town or about 1 hour drive if you visit from (Seminyak/Kuta). Here is the live google map to spot this amazing Hindu Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple Bali entrance fee and Opening hours

This temple is open for visitor daily from 8.30Am to 6PM, Visitors are expected to pay entrance ticked before entering the temple complex. It is IDR. 50.000 per person including Sarong and sash.

Like the rest of Temple tour, Women during the monthly period are prohibited to enter the area, To keep the temple sacred.

What To Expect at Gunung Kawi Temple

The first impression is you will need to walk trough the local village for a couple minutes to reach the ticket counter. from the ticket counter, There are plenty of stairways to follow to reach the tempe.

Along the stairways, You will be able see a green landscape and rice terraces along the way to this temple. You can get some stop to capture yourself or stop for a drinks while enjoying the view.

Afterwards, You will passing the valley and the temple is right after it. You will be amazed with a rows of big sculpture on the cliff wall. There also waterfall on the valley you can witness.

Note: This temple has quite steep stairways to follow, it takes 10 minutes walk to reach the temple. Be sure you are fit enough before visiting.

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