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Green Bowl Beach Bali


Green Bowl Beach in Bali, Formerly known as Bali Cliff Beach or Secret Beach. One of the Best Beaches in Bali but less visited. If you are looking for a Private beach in Bali, This place must be in the list of your Bali itinerary.

Green Bowl Beach Bali

Why this beach Called Green Bowl Beach?

Green bowl beach is previously named Bali cliff beach, The name is taken as it is a resort above this beach called Bali cliff resort and hotel. But the resort is currently not operated. The name of Green Bowl is named by the Surfers Due to the shape of the beach like a bowl from the top.

Located in Ungasan Village, In between Pandawa Beach and Melasti beach Bali. Two Famous beaches in south Bali located behind the cliff which popular among the tourist. Green bowl itself is less visited due to the access to the beach are not available by vehicle.

Location And Map

This Small beach is located within 45 Minutes drive to the south from Bali Airport or within 90 Minutes from Canggu. If You are driving from Ubud, It will takes you approximately 2 Hour drive to the south end of the island.

To get to this beach you can hire Bali driver for a day or Self driving by renting a scooter in Bali if you are good and able to handle the “confusing” Bali Traffic.

Entrance fee to the beach is free, But vehicle Parking fee is collected IDR. 5000/ each vehicle. Find the Map here

To Get to this Green Bowl Beach, You need to park your vehicle in the cliff side and need to follow a 5-10 minutes walk down the concrete stair. Don’t forget for bring more water or snacks as there will be no shop in the Beach. But there is a local cafe in the top of cliff you can get some drinks.

What To do at Green Bowl Beach Bali

This beach is a perfect place for you who is looking for quite and lesser people. Good for Sun Bathing, Photograph and relaxing. The beach are often visited by group of surfers as the waves are great at this beach. Beside those, Locals are also do Fishing sometime.

To enjoy this beach from the air, You can do Tandem Paragliding in Bali. Where you can explore multiple beaches in a bird eye view far above from the sky. One of the most exciting adventure you can consider to do.

Best Time To Visit

Visiting Beach in Bali is depending on your purpose. If you want to enjoy the sun, You can arrive any time. But for those who wants to avoid the heat. You are recommended to arrive before sunset. The weather at the beach in this area is quite hot around 30-36 degrees.

If you want to come for swimming, The safest time is during the low tide. you can check the tide condition here.

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