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Fly Fish Bali water sport

Fly Fish Bali water sport


Probably the most interesting and exciting water sport activities in Bali, fly fish is inflatable huge mattress shaped floating boat, occupied by 3 persons, 2 passengers and 1 instructor.

Similar like Banana boat but it is a combination of 3 banana boats connected all together with special rubber material then pumped until bloated to make it floating and safe for flying.

Fly Fish Bali water sport
Fly Fish Bali

The inflatable mattress is attached to the powerful engined speed boat, it used 200PK speed boat to power the mattress untill it can fly for about 5-10 meter from the sea surface.

Fly fish water sports first time introduced in year 1996 at tanjung Benoa beach, the original product are imported from Korea by korean businessman. The fly fish has great improvement and getting popular water sport activities choice to do at tanjung Benoa beach water sports.

Now, almost all water sport company provide fly fish water sports game, and it is one of the most recommended water sport activities to do in Bali. Especially for those who love the exciting, adrenaline rushing and full adventure enthusiasm.

How the fly fish water sports goes?

First, local instructor will provide you live vest for the safety equipment. Instructor will explain what to do and not to do during the activities.

Ridding the fly fish you will lying backward towards the sun, you will lying between the pillow while holding the safety handle. Passenger are located on both left and right side to make the weight balance, instructor then sitting in the middle facing forward.

The mattress then attached to the boat with special rope, boat will bring you to the middle of the sea and take the line where there is not too many boat around as it going to be very speedy activities. The ride duration is twice flight approximately last within 10 minutes.

During the flight instructor has the important role to keep the mattress flying stable and fly constantly. While the boat driver is controlling the boat speed.
It will feels like when the plane take off at the beginning, and plan touch down at the end.

Fly fish water sports activities is not recommended for children below 10 years, women during pregnancy are prohibited to do this kind of exciting water sport activities., As it has lot of shaking and vibration during the game. Overal this is good for couple or adultery who love the adrenaline rushing game.

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