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3 days in Bali

Things to do in Canggu Bali


Canggu Bali is a village in the Northern side of Kuta, The rising and Must see place in Bali. Canggu Village offer a great combination of rice paddy field and Dark sand beach in South Bali. Such a great place to stay and enjoy the warm weather in Bali.

Unlike Ubud which is mainly offer more green scenery, Canggu is a favorite place for Surfer and Hipsters. Located just after The busy Tourist spot of Kuta or Seminyak and Within an Hour to Uluwatu Bali which is also popular for its surfing spots.

Canggu Bali
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About Canggu Bali

A Small village right after Seminyak tourist center, In the district of North Kuta. This place offer a different style compare to other attractions in Bali. Canggu Village is the favorite place for the hipsters, it offers the Rice paddy field, The closest rice paddy field you see from the airport. The Beach is favorite of the surfer, Sunset with great foods and drinks at the beach side and is the way to enjoy Canggu Bali.

Before Canggu famous for tourist spot, This village is the place for the expat to stay in Bali. This can be shown with many of private Villas and house with Combination of Bali architecture with European style.

Canggu Bali Map and Location

To get to Canggu, It is located approximately 1 hours drive from Bali international Airport. The traffic is slow since it is passing by The busy town of Kuta and Seminyak. The traffic even getting worst in the late afternoon due to the worker shift transition. Here is the area of Canggu Map location.

From Ubud To canggu traffic will be much better, It will be within 1 hour drive from The center of Ubud.

Bali Airport transfer to Canggu Price

To get to Canggu from Bali airport, The distance is about 23 Km you can get a taxi or Hire a car with Driver, Roughly cost you USD 20 for one way transfer. It can be reached within 40 to 90 Minutes drive depending on the traffic condition. The closest way is via Jl. Sunset road Passing Kuta, Seminyak and Batu Belig. You can follow this below map to avoid the Bad traffic.

Things to do In Canggu Bali

What to see and do in Canggu? and How to Experience it. Canggu Bali Bali has 10 Km Length dark sandy beach, That is why you can spend the day with surf. If you are not a surfer you can enjoy the Beach with swimming, Sun Burning or Just relax with great foods and drink along the Canggu Beach side.

Beaches in Canggu Bali

There are some Beaches you can see in Canggu, Their beaches are connecting to each other, So the best way to enjoy these beaches is from the Coastline. Here is the Beaches in Canggu you can explore:

Berawa Beach

This Beach is the most popular among the surfers due to the big waves. from this beach you can see the white sand beach of Seminyak, They are connected. The best way to spend the day is relaxing by the beach with ocean view. while enjoy your great foods along the beach side cafe. Berawa beach Canggu Map clik Here

Canggu Beach

Announced as the world Best Beach in 2013 on CNN, Canggu is rated No 39 from the 100 Beaches. To find this beach you will pass by the rice paddy field on both side towards to the Beach. The beach has dark color sand and become the surfer choice.

Echo Beach or Pantai Batu Mejan

Locally literate Pantai Batu Mejan, Echo Beach in Canggu Bali This name is popular to named the beach After the Echo Beach House built here. Located next to Canggu Beach, This Beach is a connecting line with seminyak and legian Beach. The sand is flat with brownish color. Here you can see the sunset while having the foods.

Batu Bolong Beach

The Name is taken from the Hindu temple on this Beach, Batu Bolong Temple is located exactly on the beach side.When there is ceremonial or festival, You may able to see the ritual on this Temple. This beach also the perfect place for the surfer because of its huge waves. Other thhing you can do here is Sun bathing, Enjoy the beach while waiting for sunset.

Nelayan Beach / Fisherman Beach

As its Name, This beach is where you can get the fresh seafood like fishes, lobsters, Crab, Prawn etc. Located in Between Berawa beach and Batu Bolong Beach. This beach is the place for local fisherman port. That is way you will see many fisherman boat here. Also you see the sunset and enjoy the food from beach side cafe on this Beach

Pererenan Beach

This beach is quite empty, You may find many surfer visiting this beach. This place you can spend if you want to stay quite and relaxing. There are not so Many people visiting this Black colored beach and rocky view. Perfect if you want to stay relax while sun burning on the beach side. Sunset also you can wait to see here

Seseh Beach

This Beach has wide and Black sandy Beach, Quite and some may do surf and kite surfing at this beach. Access to this beach you will also passing the rice paddy field. You can stay here while having foods or cold drink and enjoy the sunset.

Mengening Beach

This is the western side of Canggu Beach, This Beach is nearby from the famous Bali temple, Tanah Lot Temple. Like the rest of the other beach, This place has similar Black and rocky view Beach. Entering this beach you will passing by the Rice paddy field on the both side. You may take a stop for a Photo shot or two.

Relax at Beach side Beach Clubs in Canggu, Bali

There are famous beach club near canggu you can visit to enjoy the food, Drink with music while enjoy Beach.

La Laguna Beach Club

The unique style of beach club with private caravan building as the VIP room. This Beach club is accessible from Berawa Beach with the nicely decorated bridge. This bridge is the icon of this beach club. They also have The market called Gypsy market selling organic product from clothes, foods, herbs, Coffee. More detail visit their website for update.

Finns Beach club

Formerly located in south Nusa dua, Then moved to canggu, Finns Beach is one of the Beach side club you can visit. They have the Bamboo style building with pools, Lounge just in front of the Beach. Visit their website for further info and update

Cafe del Mar Canggu Bali

The Latest luxury Cafe in Canggu Bali, The famous Ibiza style Beach club is opened in Canggu. This beach club in Canggu has large pools, While enjoy the best foods in drink while enjoying the iconic music of this Cafe. visit their website for reservation and up to date event.

Walk along the Road with rice field view

As mentioned earlier, Canggu is a combination of typically Balinese village with rice paddy fied and Beach. You can explore the rice field here, meets the local farmers while taking some greats picture for your instagram with instagrammable places in Bali. If you are too lazy to find rice paddy field like Tegalalang rice terrace in Ubud or JatiLuwih rice terrace in west Bali.

The Famous Canggu Shortcut

The traffic in the late afternoon is the worst thing in Canggu, There is a famous short cut is often passed by the local driver or the travelers. This access is the fastest way to connecting Canggu to Seminyak. Originally this short cut is one way road, But some driver sometime forcing to enter this road all you will often see cars fall down to the rice field.

However, The view of rice field on both side on this road is a nice way to walk around to enjoy the rice field in Canggu.

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