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Banyumala Waterfall Bali


Banyumala Bali Waterfall, Cold watered Twin waterfall with Spectacular view

Banyumala waterfall also called Twin Waterfall, This not as popular as others in Bali, but it is definitely worth the trip. You will get in touch with nature as you walk down towards the waterfall. The water is cold but worth the swim! There are also lovely spots to relax, listening to the force of water against the rocks makes you feel so minuscule in its vastness.

Banyumala waterfall
Banyumala waterfall

The approach road to these waterfalls is through a dense forest and painstaking but the moment you reach the waterfalls, you will forget all the pain taken to reach them. They are worth every drop of your sweat. The water is clean which makes swimming easy and the views are also splendid. You will never feel like leaving the place. The place also has public conveniences like washrooms and changing rooms so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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This place is simply nature at its best. It is quite a walk from the car park and even from the admission gate, but take your time because when you get to the bottom, it is picture perfect. You walk under dripping water as you trek down and when looking at the waterfall, it looks as though the whole area is weeping, hence my title. This would be a must do, but be prepared and take plenty of water. Toilets are available.

Banyumala waterfall Bali Entrance ticket : IDR 20,000

Map Location :
Banyumala waterfall Bali

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