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Banana boat Bali water sport

Banana Boat Bali water sport


Banana boat ride Bali water sport is a family friendly water sport activities to do at tanjung benoa beach. Get wet, fun and laugh together in the beach.

Banana boat Bali water sport
Banana Boat

Banana boat is a family friendly Bali water sport activity, a Banana shaped rubber boat can be occupied by 2-6 person at once ride. The inflatable banana boat is attached to a boat with a special string, the speed boat is used to tow the banana boat.

The safety life vest is attached to each passenger body and short instructions will be given by the instructor. The activities duration is 15 minutes banana boat ride. So, overall this Bali watersport activities is good for family with young kids, couple or group.

The surprise movement on Banana Boat riding is one of the fantastic moments and gives you unforgettable memory. During the banana boat ride, the boat will run staright, zig zag and spinning, theis will make the ride much more fun and exciting.

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