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Fly Fish Bali water sport

Bali Water sport activities at Tanjung Benoa Beach


Popular with its Bali Water sport activities center and its various game at tanjung Benoa Beach, South Bali

Beside those green nature, temple sight seeing, Bali water sport activities is the other options you can enjoy in a day trip during your holiday in Bali. Bali water sport tour provide selection of games you can choose to enjoy fun holiday in Bali. Activities available ie. Parasailing, Banana boat ride, jet ski ride, fly fish, wake boarding, roulette doughnut, snorkeling, sea walker, introductory scuba diving and turtle island tours with transparent boat.

Located at tanjung benoa beach, Nusa Dua Bali. Or familiar known as the peninsula is the water sport center in Bali. The calm wave, not like the rest of Bali beaches which is rough with strong wave. Tanjung Benoa beach has flat and calm beach so it is the most suitable for those boats or jet ski ridding.

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Water sport activities are safe for young kids, all gears, safety equipment and fully experience instructor of each activities will keep your water sport activities worry free.

Tanjung Benoa beach is a village in the northern side of Nusa Dua, an area with luxury resort and it’s private beach. Rows of watersport company is stand next to each other. Tanjung Benoa beach also a resort complex where some hotels stand next to the Bali water sport company.

Bali water sport activities:

  1. Parasailing and adventure parasailing
  2. Banana boat ride
  3. Fly fish
  4. Roullete doughnut ride
  5. Jet ski ride
  6. Wake board and water skiing
  7. Under sea walk
  8. Introductory scuba diving
  9. Turtle island tour
  10. Snorkeling
  11. Fishing trip
  12. Dolphin watching tour

Tanjung Benoa water sport location and how to get there

Located at the peninsula, right in the northern side of Nusa Dua hotel complex. It is easy to find, since there only one access to the tanjung Benoa beach. Just head your direction toward Nusa Dua, you will find road sign that will lead you to the tanjung Benoa beach. Follow the sign and you will pass some hotel along the street and keep driving until the end of the road untill meet the local security officer, this you may need to pay entrance fee at IDR. 5000/car.

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