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Bali travel guide, The complete TRAVEL GUIDE TO BALI from Local expert


A Complete Travel Guide to Bali from The local Balinese you can trust. Looking for places to stay in Bali? Where to Go and what to Do? Cost of things including useful tips and recommendation of Tours around Bali island. We list you our recommendation for your memorable holidays in Bali.

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TRAVEL GUIDE TO BALI, Pick the best time And Book Flight and Hotels

Table of contents

Travel Guide to Bali

Before you Plan to visit Bali, Make sure you come in the right time to get the best experience while your travel to Bali. Most traveler come during May to December where there will be summer season in Bali and almost sunshine during these period. Our recommendation for The best months to come is September to early December. Flight and Hotel will be a bit cheaper less crowded since the main Holiday like school holiday will happen during July to August. Read: Best Month To Visit Bali

January to May is consider wet season in Bali, Rain may happens during these months and it is not a good idea if you want to explore the island. Especially for the outdoor activities. You may getting lazy to wake up from the bed and chose to stay and enjoy in the Hotel. January to March has more rain and windy in Bali. Beach visit or outdoor sight seeing may not good to see and enjoy.

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Once you confirm the date, Start to Book your Flight and Hotel, Book flight and hotels in Bali earlier for cheaper rate. Last minute booking may cost you much higher.

Where To stay In Bali?

If your length of visit Bali 4D/3N or Less, Kuta, Legian and seminyak is the best option. This will help you to maximize your day in Bali. staying within Kuta, Legian and seminyak let you travel enjoy the night life, Easy for foods, Shop, Beach and close to airport.

Kuta, Legian and seminyak Hotel Maps:

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If you are staying up to a week in Bali, That is a perfect time to exploring the island. First day and 2nd day can stay in Kuta, Legian or seminyak. The next day youn book hotel in Ubud, Amed or Lovina. You can put 1 night on those area. On the last 2 days you may want to get more relaxing. At this point you can stay near Nusa Dua, Jimbaran or Uluwatu Bali hotels area for more Luxury hotel since you will be more enjoying the last day before leaving Bali.

Ayana Resort and Spa, Jimbaran

Suarga Padang Padang, Uluwatu

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Nusa Dua

Travel guide To Bali, Explore Bali

What to see and do or eats in Bali? No mater how the way you want to explore Bali island, The best way is Hiring a Bali local driver to let you stay in comfort during the visit. Other wise rent a self drive car in Bali or Scooter. The best option is hire a driver which is cost you from $40-60/Day. You will get a local driver who will assist you to explore Bali with local knowledge.

Paragliding Bali

If you want more private or want more challenging way to explore Bali, Self drive car rental or scooter rental will save your budget. But, Regarding to the traffic and the way local drive or ride, It is not recommended for first time Bali travelers. if take this option, Make sure you Internationally licensed for car or scooter ride in Bali. Scooter rental for a day will cost you only $5-10/day depending on the scooter type and engine capacity.

What To Do In Bali?

Bali island hosted a lot of things from the white sand beaches, Temples, Waterfalls, Nature and Villages. These things you can combine within a day tours in Bali.

Visiting Bali Temples (Hindu Temple), Here is the list of temple you must see in Bali.

Bali culture is strongly influence Bali Hindu Culture, You will often see Temple and Ceremony (Temple Festival) while you are in the island. Here is the temple you must visit in Bali

Tanah lot temple sunset
Tanah Lot Temple

Enjoy The white sandy Bali beaches with water activity

Hosted with white sandy beaches and wave, Bali is the perfect place to enjoy the tropical beaches. Lean Surfing and do water activities or Swim at the Beach while waiting the sunrise is the way to enjoy Bali Beaches. Here is the Beach you must Visit In Bali:

travel guide to Bali
Bali Beaches

Trek to the Famous Bali waterfalls, The travel guide to Bali falls

When you exploring the northern and North eastern side of Bali, Waterfalls are the most you can Visit. You can create your Bali Instagrammable tour for photography with waterfall tours in Bali. Here is the waterfall you must Visit in Bali.

Walk trough the Bali Rice terraces and The peaceful Mother Nature

South Bali has become the center of tourism in Bali, Most local people, Especially the younger generation has started to work in the tourism related business. While the older generation is stick in the farming due to the Education limit. There are more nature and the untouched villages where you can find the country side villages and Rice terraces. Here is our bucket list of Nature places you must Visit:

The other Bucket list you must do is Visiting Nusa Penida, Or Penida Island. You can have a one day trip to Nusa Penida or overnight to explore more things. Depending how many days you have.

Most instagrammable places in Bali
Nusa Penida/ Penida Island

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Top Rated Bali Outdoor and Adventure

You have done with exploring the famous spots for sight seeing. Next this is the extras for you for Adrenaline junkies travelers. You Can do Many Bali outdoors and Adventures activities such as river rafting tours, Learn To surf, Sunrise hiking at Mount Batur or Fly above the sea with ocean view and adrenaline rushing with Bali Paragliding Tours

Bali Rafting
Bali Rafting

Swings in Bali probably the best things to do, Read more the Travel guide to Bali Swings. We have listed the most famous swings in Bali with different type of view and background you can opt to do.

The travel Guide to Bali local life style

Join and live like a local also another things you can do, Local are very friendly people. While you are traveling into the country side, You will experience the real Bali life style. Don’t Be worry to enter the local houses of Balinese people, They will much more friendlier than people in the town. You may being offered for coffee or tea. This is the way local people welcome the Guest who visiting the House of Balinese people.

Travel guide to Bali
Barong Dance, The Balinese sacred Dancing

If you happen stay in the villages hotel, which is close to villages temple like Batuan Temple, One day you may seen many local goes to temple to attend the ceremony. There you can see and experience Bali and just follow the local and see the festival, Dancing and witnessing the real Bali cultures.


Bali Itinerary

How to explore Bali? Here is the List depending on your length of stay in the island.

The End

That is what we can share you as a local Balinese. This Travel Guide to Bali is dedicated to Bali travelers to get more pleasant and memorable holiday in Bali. If you need further details about Bali, Just Drop your comment or ask us on the comment box below.

We know there are many more things you may need to know deeper about Bali. We assure you that this page will updated to give you the latest information about Bali like entry fee to Bali attractions or the new things to do in Bali. Lastly, I am Personally is not a skillful writer when writing this travel guide and my English level is far below Good. But hope this is meaningful

See You In Bali Soon!

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