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Swings in Bali, The famous and biggest swing with price


All About the swings activities in Bali, Price, location and recommended swing location to do for your adventure in Bali. Find here, The famous to the biggest swing level.


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Swing in Bali is the latest popular and most booked activities in this island, Swing activities offers Swing level from small swing to highest swing, Where You can test your adrenaline. Here is the list of swing in Bali with different background and views

Swings In Bali formerly is a favorite game for Balinese kids, Children in the country side may still do this kinds of Game. When internet getting massively and online games is the most played gamed by nowadays children, And swing is rarely found.

kids swings
Bali Swing, Bali Kids’ game

Bali Swing Ubud, Price and details

The first swing company in Bali offers multiple swing activities from the small swing to highest level overlooking the river and green palm forest. Located in the center of Bali, 30 Minutes away from the main tourist center, Ubud.

Bali Swing price
Bali Swing

This is the biggest swing company in Bali with swing specialist facing to Ayung River and green tropical palm trees. They offer various swing level from 10 Meters to 78 meters. Beside the Swing activities they also has well maintained park with photo shooting booth like Helicopters, Bird nest, Hummingbird nest and floating romantic bed.

  • Bali Swing Ubud Price : US $ 35 Person with unlimited Swing experience includes Buffet Lunch and drinks.
  • Overlooking Ayung river and palm forest
  • Additional transportation fee required, Book Bali Local driver to drive you this swing place.

Bali Swing ubud map location and how to get there

Located in the middle part of Bali island, This is Easily accessible via motorbike or hire a local driver to drive you for more comfort and hassle free. It is approximately 30 minutes from Ubud center, 1 Hour from Seminyak/Kuta/Legian and within 1,5 Hours from Nusa Dua south Bali

Wanagiri Hidden Hill Swing with twin lake view – Price And details

Wanagiri swing has a photogenic and spectacular swing with lake and mountain background. They offer scenic photo booth with Bird nest, humming bird nest, Bamboo Boat with lake and mountain background.

best bali swing overlooking the lake price and details
Bali Swing at Wanagiri hidden Hill

Located in the northern side of the island, It has a mountainous breezing and green surrounding, Quite and peaceful country side. This Wanagiri swing, unlike Ubud swing which has various swing level. This focused more for photography purpose, One of the Instagram Tours.

  • Wanagiri hidden hill swing entrance fee : From US $ 10/Person
  • Good for photo shot with lake and mountain Background
  • Transportation need to be personally arranged

Wanagiri Swing Map Location and way to get there

Tegalalang Rice terrace Swing

One of the best and most visited rice terrace in Ubud, Bali. The swing activities at this place offer an experience of swing with rice paddy terrace view and green palm forest. They have couple swing or single swing sets in the middle of Tegalalang rice terrace.

swing in ubud
Bali swing atTegalalang rice terrace

There are various swing available here, Located within walking distance in different location. Available with different rice terrace angle and view, Operated by the local community.

  • Price from US $ 15 Per Person
  • Exciting swing with rice terrace view
  • Transportation need to be personally arranged

Tegalalang Swing map and way to get there

Blangsinga Swing With Waterfall

The swings in Bali with waterfall view, This swing is set in the river side with Tegenungan/ Blangsinga waterfall view. Tegenungan waterfall has a beautiful place for visit. Need a little effort to down and climb the stairs to get close to the falls.

bali swing with waterfall price
swing with waterfall

This swing is highly recommended, and this is the only swing with waterfall background currently available for this activities in Bali.

Nusa Penida ocean Swing

The only swing with ocean view, If you happen visit Nusa Penida (Penida Island) you may not give this swing a miss. This swing has a photogenic spot for photo shot overlooking the natural and amazing Beach.

ocean swing bali
Ocean view swing

Located in the east part of Penida island, Currently the best and the only swing facing to the ocean available. Penida island tour is one of the latest popular destination. It is required boat trip starting from morning to late afternoon depart from Sanur port available daily.

Bali Swing at Nusa Penida and Map

Nusa Penida (penida island), The second biggest island in Bali. Needed to get a speed boat ticket or buy online package tours to cover this island. The package will come with all inclusives Boat ticket, Ground transportation in Nusa Penida and lunch.

Alas Harum Swing and Coffee plantation

Beside Tegalalang rice terrace, There is also available for swing while testing organic Balinese coffee and healthy drinks. There are Combination of swing activities with rice terrace and coffee plantation which is famous for Luwak coffee in a one beautiful place.

the famous bali swing
Swing at Alas Harum coffee plantation

This swing has a great and wide human made farm with rice terrace and many photo booth for photo shoot experience in Bali. While enjoy the coffee with stunning green paddy terrace and swing over this awesome view.

  • Entrance fee from US $ 15 per person
  • Wide paddy field view with private bridge and photo booth
  • Transparent glass deck
  • Bird nest photo spot, Zip line, etc

More Swing In Bali

Due to many travelers interested in this activities, There are a lot of swing provider you can choose. Here is the other swing place around the island.


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