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Bali Silent Day

Bali silent Day (Hari Raya Nyepi)


Bali silent day is a Unique tradition happen in Bali. It is a celebration for Balinese Hindu people to celebrate new year. Unlike the other New year celebration which is normally full of crowd and more happening, Nyepi day in Bali is opposite.

Bali Silent Day

During the entire day from 6AM to 6AM next day is quite and there are nobody allowed to do any activities. Even at the night time, Lighting is disallowed. Entertainment are also prohibited.

If you happen staying in Bali During this Silent day in Bali, You got no choice and not permitted to go out from your accommodation for 24 hours.


About Hari raya Nyepi (Silent Day) in Bali

Nyepi is a Balinese term from the word of Sepi, Mean Silent or to be quite. Quite from any noise, activities, Working and lighting. As a Balinese, There are 4 things disallowed to do.

  1. No Working
  2. Not to going out/ Travel
  3. Not to make any entertainment
  4. No lighting (Include Cooking, Turning on Music and turning on the electricity)

So During the entire day must be quite, People is recommended to stay at home, Self introspection and do meditation.

The Silent day procession in Bali

This special Bali tradition is annually happen in Bali, and there are several procession will be held before the silent day.

  • 3 Days before the actual day for Nyepi, Most of the Village will do Melasti Procession, A ritual to neutralized the mother earth. It will take place in the water source, Mainly in the Sea,
  • A Day Before the silent day, Villages will have an offering Known as Pengerupukan, A day where you will see many statue made from Bamboo/Paper etc. A symbolized of Evil spirit which is commonly literate Ogoh Ogoh.
  • Starting 6AM the next morning into the next day at 6AM, the celebration for Nyepi is begin. Bali will be quite and no body allowed to go out. Every business, Activities, Airport, road and beach are also closed.


As a traveler, Do i allowed to go out?

There is no choice, Everyone in Bali, include travelers must follow the rule. You are not allowed to travel out from your accommodations

What Should i Do during Nyepi Day?

Depending on your hotel facility and event, You may attend hotel event inside the hotel area. You still can do activities as long as inside the hotel area.

What Happened if i go out and disobey the rule?

Every village will be have their own security, Which is standby to make sure you are not doing any activities. If you happen doing any activities out from your accommodation area, They have the right to arrest you.

What is Opened during this silent day?

The Hospitals are still opened, In case you have health problem, Contact your host for assistance

Is Airport open?

Airport, Restaurant, Shop and all any business are closed

Tips for Nyepi days in Bali for travelers

If You are in Bali during this day and you don’t want to be boring, you can book a bigger hotel with more facility. So you can stay and do any activities inside the hotel area.

But, If you want to follow this ritual, for example you want to feel how its look. Then you can stay at any small accommodation in a village. But make sure you are OK with the situation for the next 24 hours ahead.

You may fill with yoga or massage to enjoy a day in Bali without any Noise and feels the truly relaxations.

Upcoming Bali Silent day Calendar

  • March 25th, 2020
  • March 14th, 2021
  • March 3rd, 2022
  • March 22nd, 2023
  • March 11th, 2024

Will you Join us to celebrate Silent day In Bali with Us?

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