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Bali luwak coffee

Bali luwak Coffee Plantation


Bali’s most famous and expensive coffee, About luwak coffee in Bali and how it is made.

What is coffee luwak?

Bali Coffee Luwak is the coffee that has been digested by an Asian palm civet. The civet eats the coffee cherries, the cherries go through the digestive track and fermentation occurs, and then they pass through the intestines and eventually pooped out. The coffee cherries are then picked out from poop and yes, it is poop coffee, But it has long process to make the coffee get ready to be consumed.

Coffee in Bali is a common welcome drink when you visited Balinese family, Bali coffee is naturally grown in the cold weather and it is manually processed with traditional way to keep its pure taste.

How Bali Luwak Coffee Being processed?

From The cherries bean into the Best coffee it takes long process since it is very Limited coffee, The luwak (Asian Civet cat) originally many found in Sumatra, west part of Indonesia, Java, Sulawesi and Bali. The Luwak eats the coffee bean, This animal is only eats the perfectly rape coffee cherries.

When the coffee cherries are being fermented inside its tummy, and it passed out from the digestive track aka Poop, The poop then collected for the next process.

The collected poop will be dried under the sunshine and being cleaned with boiled water, this process is repeated for several time to separate the coffee bean with the luwak poop.

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Next step, the coffee bean are ready to be peeled to remove the coffee bean skin. after all of them are clean and then ready to be grilled with low fire until it becomes black colored and smelled. local used the fire wood grill the coffee bean and its is mixed with coral stone, to avoid direct heat the coffee bean over grilled. during this process, coffee bean must be keep mixed.

The grilled coffee then sorted and collected to become a powder and ready to serve.

How much does it cost for a cup of Luwak coffee?

Price for a cup of Luwak coffee cost IDR. 50,000/cup ($4) include free taste for local drink product. 50 gram of luwak coffee bean or powder cost around IDR. 300,000.

where to try or buy the Luwak coffee

There are plenty of coffee plantation in Bali, The coffee trees are mainly growing in the mountainous area which has cold weather temparature, When you have tours to Northen part of Bali, you will find many coffee farm and shop to give this coffee a try.

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