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Bali local foods, Authentic Balinese food w/ Price in Bali


What to do in Bali? Trying Local foods in Bali you must taste while in Bali. The Foods price is cheap, You can eat from $1-5 for single dishes with Drinks. Get your truly amazing trip in Bali with local foods hunting. Many options are available for cheap foods in Bali.

Most of Local food in Bali you may find in the restaurant or even in a 5 stars hotel, But to get the real and Authentic Balinese foods, You can only get it in the small shop or stall. Here is we list you the local delicacies comes with cheap prices range from $ 1-5/ Portion.

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Balinese Local Foods, Travel Guide to the famous eatery in Bali

Please Note that this Balinese food is contain pork meat, This may not recommended for Moslems travelers which is not Halal certified. However Not all the foods are containing Fork meat. Second things, The Foods in Bali mainly spicy and consider hot, So make sure your tummy can handle it. Otherwise you may get Bali Belly, which is can ruin your holidays in Bali.

Beef meats are consumed in Bali, But it is not as much as Pork, Chicken or seafood. It is easy to get foods in Bali, Balinese eat most of the meats.

Table of Content

1. Babi Guling

Babi Guling or known as Roast Suckling Pig is the authentic Balinese local food. This kind of Food is often cooked during the festival or ceremonies in Bali. However there are plenty of shop sell Babi Guling in every region around the island.

Babi Guling is a whole pig cooked with slow fire using fire wood, The whole process may takes several hours. It takes around 3-4 Hours while keep rolling the meat above the fire. That is why it called Babi Guling. Babi is local words for Pig, While Guling means rolling. Means during the process, The pork meat is keep rolled to make the whole meat perfectly cooked.

The common portion of Babi Guling will comes with Plain Rice, Soup and mixture of pork meat slices with traditional special spices for the topping. You may order the cheapest portion, Where all foods will be mixed with the rice. If you order separated portion, may cost you double price.

Babi Guling Price

The price we listed in USD for easier to understand with the local currencies, For the payment or purchased in small local shop you need to bring enough cash in Local currencies.

Best Time to eat Babi Guling is recommended for early or late lunch, Since this foods is coming with a lot of spices and contain hot chili. We recommended you to try this food during the lunch time. This to avoid your tummy get shocked and may cause tummy problem. However, If you are familiar with spices and chili, It will be not a problem.

Mix (All served in a Plate + Soups)USD. 2/Portion
Separated Portion (Rice, Meat and Soupin separated PlateUSD. 5/Portion
Soft DrinksUSD. 0.4/Drink

The Famous Babi Guling Shop in Bali

Which Babi Guling is the Best and worth to try in Bali? There are many options available for Babi guling depending which area you stay. Most Local driver or guide can help you to find the Nicest Babi Guling while you do tours around Bali.

Babi Guling Ibu Oka in Ubud

When You are traveling to ubud, Warung Ibu Oka is the famous Babi guling shop in Ubud you can give a try. This shop has 3 Shop in Ubud, This is the most famous Babi guling in the internet. Ibu oka has 3 Main shop, 2 Shops are located in the center of Ubud and another shop is located 20 Minutes away from the main ubud town.

Maps and opening Hour:

Babi Guling Pak Dobil in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is known as the luxury resort area, But doesn’t mean you can’t find the authentic Bali Local foods. Babi Guling Pak Dobiel is one of the famous shop in Nusa Dua Area for Babi Guling. The shop location is in the middle of local residence in Nusa Dua, 5 Minutes away from the main tourist center.

Map Location and Opening Hours:

Babi Guling Pak Malen in Seminyak/Kuta

Seminyak is popular place to stay, Shopping and expensive dining restaurants. But if you out from the main tourist area, You can taste the famous Babi Guling at Pak Malen Babi Guling. The location is in the main highway to seminyak, Called Jalan Sunset Road, Seminyak. See Below Map to get there.

Map location and opening Hour

2. Nasi Campur,The most popular Bali Local foods

Nasi Campur or commonly literate Balinese Rijsttafel is a mixture of rice, Vegetable, Meats and Chili sauce in a plate. This portion of foods in Bali is the main thing local people eats. Balinese people eat rice all the time for brakfast, lunch and dinner. That is why you will find many shops will sell Authentic Nasi Campur , But most of them are hard to find in the tourist center like Seminyak, Legian or Kuta.

To find this kind of shop, You need to go out from the main tourist center. Nasi Campur has many variations, Nasi campur can be special serving rice with chicken meat and vegetables, Some may have Rice, Vegetables and seafood (mainly fishes and prawn) Or some may coming with pork and chicken.

Nasi Campur price range

Mix (All served in a Plate + Soups)USD. 1-2/Portion
Separated Portion (Rice, Meat and Soupin separated PlateUSD. 3-4/Portion
Soft DrinksUSD. 0.4/Drink

The price we listed in USD for easier to understand with the local currencies, For the payment or purchased in small local shop you need to bring enough cash in Local currencies. Credit card may not accepted.

Nasi Campur Ayam (Chicken Mixed Rice)

This is the only Nasi campur shop in the heart of Seminyak town you can find if you are around seminyak center. This shop is clean and spacious enough. They have gazebo where you can enjoy the delicious Bali local Foods. Their portion of foodis mainly chicken meat with fresh vegetable, sambal spicy homemade chili sauces, Fried peanut and a bowl of Chicken Soup.

This shop is famous among the local Balinese of domestic tourist in Bali. This can be one option for Halal foods in Bali. The whole portion with drink cost you only USD 2,5/Portion with a soft drink. The have many branches around Bali. We list you their shop Maps below:

Recommended Nasi Campur shops in Bali with Maps

3. Ketupat (Balinese Gado Gado)

Ketupat cantok is the most popular food usually found in the country side of every village in Bali. This kind of Bali local foods is cheap, Price less than USD. 50 Cent. Ketupat cantok is a traditional food, The rice is boiled inside cocunut leaves, Shaped like a pillow. The proces of making this delicacies is the whole sauce grinded in the Bali traditional stone mortar.

The sauce is made from fried peanuts mixed with garlic, chili, salt, soya sauce etc. Then the whole things are punched with the stone mortar (Cantok) untill all mixed and Become a sauce. The Rice then being sliced, filled with young green leave, long Bean, Water spinach, Tofu and then mixed with the peanut sauce.

This kind of shop usually also sell the Rujak, The Balinese spicy salads. This is the favorite of local salad for Balinese. The salads normally consist of young mango, Pineapple, Papaya, and more sour tasted fruits. This taste is a mixture of sour, sweet (from the brown sugar) and Hot spicy (from the chili)

This kind of local foods may hard to find, But we notice there is one shop in kuta called warung Bambu sari Kuta. Adress: Jl. Kauripan No.2, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia. Google maps is Here This shop open from 9AM to 8PM

There are many more Bali Local Foods you can experience when you are in Bali. We will post more in the next post with more list.

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