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Bali Driver Hire


Hire Driver in Bali, Most recommended for the first time Bali visitor. If You want to hassle free and feel comfortable during your holiday, Hire private driver to drive you around.

How do you get around in Bali?

There are ways to get around in Bali, Renting a scooter may seem the cheapest deal, But concerning about the safety and comfort, It is not a good choice. Available public transportation is only metered taxi where is available in the city area.

Ride metered taxi is good option if you are moving to the place in a short distance. Hire a driver for a day is the best way to get around in Bali especially to use for whole day. Or, Visiting multiple places within day tour in Bali.

Hire a Driver or Self drive in Bali?

Bali roads are sometimes confusing, Narrow and Traffic sometime is get you stressful. Motor bikes are every where and driving style are totally different. Hire a Car with driver is the way you get more safety, Relax and comfort during the journey. While self driving is the option if you are really confident and brave enough facing how local people drive.

Hire a local driver in Bali is most recommended, There is no other way to be safe while travelling around Bali. Driver is available everywhere, But recommended book driver online. Most reputable drivers are now have their own Website and most of good Bali driver recommended on Tripadvisor with excellent reviews.

Price for Hiring Driver for a day

It is not expensive to hire a driver for a day, The standard price for driver hire with all inclusive driving fee, Driver’s Lunch, Car Park, Toll fees and Gasoline is from IDR. 500,000 – IDR. 800,000 for the whole day charter.

It is depending on How long and how far you go within a day, Let say standard tour will last within 8-10 Hours, But some time tour may last in 12 or even 14 Hours. Depending on your Bali tour itinerary. The break down as follow:

  • Daily car rental : IDR. 200.000
  • Driver Meals and snack : 50.000
  • Parking and toll fees : 25.000
  • Gasoline :IDR. 100.000 – 150.000 (Gas price 7.800/Liter)
  • Expected driving fee for driver: 150.000

Type of Car mostly Used by Driver in Bali for Tour

Most popular car used by Bali driver is standard MPV. Popular brand is Toyota avanza and Suzuki APV. Which is include full air conditioner and and Audio. Most used car is Japanese car with 6-7 seats. Good and comfortable enough for Couple/ Family or small Group of friends. The car is consider new, clean and comfortable for ridding along Bali’s road.

Bali driver hire
bali driver hire

What To expect to Hire a driver in Bali

Hire driver in Bali can ease you ground transportation need, No mater what your purpose. Driver will be available to drive you for Airport transfer, Visiting multiple places or tour around Bali. or just to drive you for shopping, Visiting beach club etc.

  • Bali local driver can arrange Bali Airport transfer, Pick up or return transfer, Price is depending on the distance of your hotel from Airport.
  • Driver can drive you anywhere around the island with your plan with good knowledge of route and minimized time.
  • Driver can suggest you available additional places worth to visit nearby your wish listed visit. most local driver very familiar with every villages since they are expert fully experienced.
  • Hire a local driver you will understand Bali culture, Story and way of life on Balinese people. Remember Bali is a small island with rich of cultures and has different traditions.

Tips To Hire a driver in Bali

There are few things to get a good driver as your local host during your holiday in Bali. here is the way to Get a good driver.

  • Most reputable Bali driver recommended in Tripadvisor, Check driver review page on tripadvisor and read the reviews from the past traveler.
  • Get driver recommended by your friend who used their service before
  • Avoid driver who offers you irrational price, Too cheap or too high. Standard rate for driver hire is 600.000 for 8-10 Hour usage.
  • Contact driver personally, Get in touch and discuss your plan (if any) to driver directly.

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